February 7, 2014

Imagine dining at looking out these  floor to ceiling windows. (Afflante)

I know the term "Loft Living" has become ubiquitous of late, but I happened upon some images of loft apartments that reminded me of why they are so appealing. They often feature grand floor to ceiling windows, open floor plans, inventive use of space and fun off-the-wall possibilities - like being able to get around your space on roller skates or your bike!  Maybe I'm channeling my inner Patti Smith, but what they heck, enjoy the ride with me and check out some of my latest, greatest favourites.  

Black windows here are terrifically graphic and the outrageous height of them is artfully played up with low furniture. Wonderful drama. (Vector Design Store)

The great opportunity of loft spaces is the height and the chance to create drama, bold statements such as this grand brass and lacquer island. (Habitually Chic)

Love this clean space - the amber coloured furniture really warms it up! (Decora)

A Sophisticated Loft featuring traditional elements - works just as well as uber modern and with loads of personality. (Content in a Cottage)

Tribeca Duplex - love the feeling of space, the white floors, the natural colour palette. I would move in a heartbeat! (Archinect

I like how the space is divided with tall tall black metal french doors so that there is intimacy and openness. The walls and floor of the master bath are lined with very graphic cipollino marble and divided with a classic black metal framed doors to great affect. This is a space that invites you to wander around and discover.  I love the hint that we get here and wish I could explore. (Elle Decor)

Former Factory Loft In London doesn't get better than this! (Afflante

A Light-filled London Loft featuring a ladder to reach tall shelves - it's something that lots of us would love. There is something so romantic about it and I also love the green painted wood floors. (Bloglovin')

The brick walls have been painted and there is a hint of whimsy to the wide-open space that makes it very appealing. (Remodelista)

I just love this clean warm kitchen. The shiny cabinets and the matt wood are great dance partners.   It reminds me of a cottage we are designing so I'll be sure to post pictures as we're in the construction phase right now.(Remodelista)

A dreamy minimalist design bedroom in white. The tall tall ceilings make this appealing as I don't usually like the split wall but I love the zen vibe. (Loftenberg)

What's not to like about this classic loft with the metal staircase, rows of books and openness. (Weheartit)

AuthorTheresa Casey