Theresa Casey is one of Canada's most distinguished and celebrated interior designers.      


Principal Interior Designer

Theresa Casey is one of Canada’s most distinguished and celebrated designers. Her award-winning work for an international clientele has been described as “the work of a designer who is not interested in spaces that are ‘done’; rather, she works the shapes, proportions, textures, and light into a harmonious and emotionally satisfying balance.” (Globe and Mail)

Casey’s extensive education in art history, fine art and design (studies in Florence, Washington and Canada) provide her with the comprehension of period, detail and style that allow her to create projects ranging from traditional to contemporary. Her vision is to create architecturally authentic spaces, which emphasize scale, texture, color, and proportion within the framework of the client’s needs. She believes that clients who know themselves make their own mark; “I just help them to get there by encouraging risks, innovation, and individuality.” Her transformative work is as much about the lives of her interesting clients as they are examples of the artisanal direction that she brings to each unique project.

Casey draws inspiration from her travels including frequent trips to her family in Ireland, trips to the Venice Biennale, her extensive library of art and architecture books, and her regular drawing and painting studies and exhibitions.

Casey Design is an accredited, award-winning architecture & interior design firm that specializes in personalized projects that are both comfortable and sophisticated. The team at Casey Design practices a strategic and creative process which is informed by careful observation and research, and is nurtured by working closely and collaboratively with the client.