November 26, 2013

A designated Family Room creates the perfect place for the children to play and watch TV. (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Ted Yarwood)

It is often thought to be impossible to keep your home neat and tidy and stylish once the children arrive. Images of all the toys and clutter associated with children come to mind. However, if planned correctly, it can be possible to have both a chic, beautiful home and a big family to live in it. You just need to adopt family-friendly design concepts to accommodate your growing family as you create the style of your dreams.

Key points to remember for family-friendly design: You can always create separate spaces for the children and adults to entertain or hangout. A third floor family room gives the children a place to watch TV and listen to music, while a master suite can create a calming space for parents to relax in. Use kid-friendly fabrics and furniture that can be easily cleaned. This does not mean you have to settle for childish patterns. A bold, green, vinyl wallcovering with assorted vintage letters adds interest and warmth to the room for both adults and children. It also creates a modern space you can be proud of. Storage is another important factor as children come with a lot of stuff. You need to find ways to store their toys and books in a manner that adds to the design of the room. Use storage and shelving that makes everything easily accessible, but can hide the more unsightly clutter. A contemporary, white gloss cabinet with a mix of open shelves and closed cupboards does just that, for example. Lastly, you should simultaneously incorporate the personalities of the children and create a room that they can grow with, so you don’t need to re-do the rooms every couple of years. A client’s son had an interest in collecting toy cars, and we found an antique glass cabinet and created custom, steel shelves to display them. These pieces will remain classic bedroom pieces that he can grow with and they add sophistication to the room, while the collection of toys brings the fun of childhood.

This cozy banquette provides additional space for the client's teenagers to hangout. (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Ted Yarwood)

Master Suite with fireplace, seating area and spa-like washroom for parents of three to retreat to. (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Ted Yarwood)

Two Storey "Great Room" fit for family as well as catered business functions with its separate pantry. (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Ted Yarwood)

Kid-Friendly wallpaper with assorted vintage letters that adds interest to the room. (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Michael Graydon)

These polkda dot shower curtains enhance the design while adding a fun element to the bathroom. (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Ted Yarwood)

Contemporary, white gloss cabinet that is perfect for storage. (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Michael Graydon)

Side Mud Room with cubby storage for the whole family. (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Ted Yarwood)

Antique, glass cabinet and steel shelving to  display our client's son's toy car collection. (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Ted Yarwood)

Bedroom that plays off of our client's daughter's fashion interests. (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Ted Yarwood)

A bathroom created for a teenage girl that will grow with her. (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Ted Yarwood)