April 30, 2014

Love the textured, diamond-patterned brown floor with the graphic pillows surrounded by the white backdrop. Simply sophisticated! (DPages).

When I think of white and brown colour schemes, I think of a well-dressed French woman. A crisp white blouse, tan linen pencil skirt, smart pumps and a killer handbag. To me, whites and browns evoke a classic French woman's style.

In short, elegance with purpose. It's what I wear on days that I want the world to know I mean business. This same kind of thinking can be applied to interiors. If you are confident yet don't want to show off, if you know your style and don't want your home to speak before you do, then this kind of palette might be for you. 

In the samples below, you can see right away what I'm talking about. For me these interiors have the look of an airy Manhattan apartment on the upper Eastside - glamorous, soft, soothing and welcoming, while speaking of quiet sophistication. 

If you are that person or want to be perceived as this person, this look is for you. Interiors are always about the fantasy to which you aspire, what environment you're most comfortable in, and sometimes an elegant wardrobe can be the starting point.

A minimalistic brown and white office is so inviting and chic (Flickr).

The walnut, double vanity in combination with the creamy, white onyx floors and walls creates a glamorous soft and soothing ensuite retreat (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Ted Yarwood).

Ethan Herringbone dinnerware by Ralph Lauren Home (Elle Decor).

The soft, multi-texutred tan and white color theme with the accent of the vintage brown metal cabinet creates a classic, calm and groovy apartment (Flickr).

The brown sofa in this country master suite with painted oak floors and travertine marble is dreamy and tranquil  (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Ted Yarwood).

The brown and white wallpaper layered with the vintage vanity makes this powder room a knock out (Mark D Sikes).

AuthorTheresa Casey