August 29th, 2014

With many employers providing options to work from home to obtain a work-life balance, we're finding that many of our clients now require a home office as a part of their design programming. Whether it's simple correspondence or working late into the night to meet a deadline, the capabilities and requirements of a home office are often straightforward: desk space, capabilities for a computer / laptop and peripherals, and plenty of storage. However, the design of an at-home office is another opportunity to allow the client's personality and aesthetic to shine through. Here, we've shown some of our favourite at home office designs to help inspire you.

Industrial antiques create a unique sense of character to this space. Juxtaposed with colourful accessories, this home office is playful and inviting. (Casey Design / Planning Group Inc. - photograph by Ted Yarwood)

A painted red brick wall adds some colour to the black and white home office. A wall of picture frames and a striped area rug creates a sense of character in the space. (Casey Design / Planning Group Inc. - photograph by Angus Fergusson)

This small home office is an efficient use of space in a master suite. Keeping furniture and accessories neutral allows the office to be tucked away from view when needed (Harper's Bazaar)

The dark wood built-ins provide ample storage while hiding unsightly ductwork. White chairs and draperies contrast to create a sense of formality in this home office. (Casey Design / Planning Group Inc. - photograph by Ted Yardwood)

An antique industrial sign and desk provide character to this home office for our client and their family. (Casey Design / Planning Group Inc. - photograph by Michael Graydon)

Custom-designed millwork makes this office feel like it's been in this space forever. Open shelving and glass doors make the space inviting. (Casey Design / Planning Group Inc. - photograph by Ted Yarwood)

AuthorTheresa Casey