January 31st, 2016

When wandering the streets of Sicily you can come across a variety of doorways. Curved topped windows and doors with decorated rustication are all characteristics of Baroque architecture, a style prominent in Sicily, during the 17th and 18th centuries.  Sicilians live much of their lives outdoors and  can often be found lingering at their doorways as they watch their children play on the street, chat with their neighbours and connect with the energy from the street.  From the charming to the daunting,  here is a gallery of some of the doors that I photographed. Each doorway embodies a different persona and often made me wonder what lies beyond...

 The use of curved topped doors in construction dates back to antiquity and was utilized to minimize tensile stress in large spanning entrances. The arched doorways in Palermo can still be found all over the city.  

A peek inside the entrance of a Sicilian church.

 I love the layers of wood  pealing from this old doorway. It gives it character yet a feeling of abandonment and mystery.

AuthorTheresa Casey