June 3, 2015

During my recent trip to New York I was fortunate enough to meet Linda Fargo and David Hoey, both superstars in the high-end fashion world and creative directors of Bergdorf Goodman. Time magazine describes Linda Fargo as, “The stylish gatekeeper of America’s most luxurious store.” It was a big thrill for me as I have been following her work for many years and I was star-struck when I coincidently met her at the store during my trip to meet with the Cosentino Design Development team. It happened one afternoon when I was with one of my colleagues, architect and furniture designer, Daniel Germani of Daniel Germani Designs. The Cosentino team had asked each trendspotter where we want to be interviewed for the launch of the Cosentino Trendspotting program. I suggested in front of the Bergdorf Goodman windows.  When we arrived to my delight I spotted Linda Fargo's eye-catching short gray bob and she was with Donald Robertson, artist and Instagram sensation.  She was speaking with him about the windows that he created as he is the guest artist for the current windows on display. Daniel encouraged me to strike up a conversation with Linda and before I knew it, we were discussing my part in the Silestone Trendspotters program and the idea of the Cultural Mosaic in Toronto. Here are some of the pictures. 

With Linda Fargo and Donald Robertson.

Standing in front of Donald Roberton's work of art.


We were later joined by David Hoey. Here he is with Donald Robertson and myself in front of the Bergdorf Goodman shop window displaying Donald's work of art. 

Left: David Hoey, Donald Robertson and I.                                   Right: Donald Robertson and David Hoey at work. 

Check out the video showing the installation of Donald's windows in action.


I love the Bergdorf Goodman windows because they appeal to my love of fantasy, abundance, and whimsy and there is always a hand made quality to the display that harkens back to another time. They evoke magic and fantasy because they appear so out-of-this-world. Here is a collection of the holiday windows displayed in 2014.  Each window is based on a major art form including: Architecture, Theatre, Art and Music. 

 Architecture                                                                                         Theatre

Art                                                                                                 Music


(images courtesy of www.blog.bergdorgoodman.com)

Link to blog: http://blog.bergdorfgoodman.com/windows/holiday-windows-2014-inspired#ad-image-1 


You can see the making of the architecture-themed window in this short video clip, “Making Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Windows in 2014.” It looks behind the scenes of the creation of a Bergdorf Goodman window and how much detail, artistry and ‘magic’ is involved in the process. One of the artists working on the architecture theme window describes the beauty of the Bergdorf Windows as like, “a fantasy that exists within the same time space we are in, and you can walk by on 5th Avenue and be utterly transported to a complete other place. It’s magic. ” 

Also, one of my favourite books is “Window from Bergdorf Goodman: Dreams Through the Glass,” which features Linda Fargo’s portfolio of magical and enchanting windows. In this book Linda likens New York as the “City of Windows,” just as Paris is the “City of Lights.”  


Linda’s final words written in the introduction of the book sums up the vision and idea of the City of Windows; “After all, these sidewalk shadow boxes provide the opportunity to play on the stage of world-class theatre in a world-class city. It’s a chance to cause a sensation, to honour imagination and create something that might be remembered in the mind’s eye, like a particularly vivid dream recalled from a good night’s sleep.” 

I am thrilled to have met three compelling and inspiring art figures in New York City and I feel their influence will only propel me to continue to develop the artistry and beauty in my own work. 


AuthorTheresa Casey