October 9th, 2015

When it comes to countertops my favourite "go to" product for stone is Cosentino's Silestone - a Quartz composite.  Cosentino is the world's leading producer of this type of counter, which is ideal for high-quality kitchens and bathrooms, including countertops and sinks. The quartz countertops have become a leading counter top option because of the easy care and durability. In contrast, marble counters stain easily and require much more maintenance, and granite has a limited palette.  Quartz comes in a large variety of colours and patterns, and Cosentino have been producing it since 1990. They have a comprehensive website which showcases their range of colours and patterns. Check out the different ways to use this versatile product below:

Silestone - Kitchen Applications

When it comes to kitchen colour schemes, the right hue and texture of the countertop is crucial to the over-all look. This is because the countertop is often the anchoring centrepiece, and can tie together the concept of the space. 

A white stone with grey accents goes beautifully with the dark cabinetry of this kitchen for my clients. 

How fun are these colours? I used this dark green stone with dark speckles to contrast with bright red cabinetry. 

Prefer neutral, warm tones? I love this off-white stone with creme and light grey veins to create a bright, but neutral setting. 

Clean white surfaces for any kitchen, works beautifully. See how I have utilized this in the island countertop above.

I love the use of this dark stone with brown accents and undertones in this bright white kitchen. The island countertop is a strong contrast to the rest of the room and provides a distinctive focal point.

AuthorTheresa Casey