As you can tell from the images below, I always photograph the bedside tables in my projects.  For me, this is always an interesting shot because I put a lot of thought into the right bedside table for the function required and the  atmosphere that I am creating.  In a way it is like the essential jewellery piece on an outfit because the bed is always going to be more dominant but the bedside can skew the look whichever way you want to go from Traditional to Contemporary.  

This exquisite burl-oak bedside table is a unique 1930's original from the  Art Deco period.  It is emblematic of this  rich era of design because it has both traditional elements like the legs contrasting with modernist elements like the simple tiered drawers and door.

This simple square mirrored bedside was the perfect solution for  this very small guest suite because the reflection makes the space feel larger with no sacrifice of style.  I love the black outline as well.

An out-of-the box solution for another client's guest bedroom.  Just like the above photo, guest rooms don't require the storage that a bedroom used daily so it is an opportunity to combine this lovely oriental stool with the soft upholstered headboard.

This exotic bedroom features another bedside from the deco period - I especially like the fine leg detail and the beautiful wood.

AuthorTheresa Casey