Now that Fall has officially arrived in Toronto, I am thinking about cozy, warm interiors.  Just like putting my summer clothes away, I put away my cotton drapes, cushions and bedding.   When the weather changes I look at decorating and accenting rooms with woollen throws, cashmere cushions, and accent pieces in rich warm reds, greens and blues.  Take a look below and see how I have transformed from summer to fall:


This picture above left is "summer" styling at its best for a recent project.  The elements are fresh, cool, textured which offsets the recent record high temperatures and makes this room a "go-to" spot in the summer.  The picture on the right has the same neutral pallete as the shot to the left but you can see that the addition of the red-orange "womb" chair and ottoman immediately make you want to come home and cozy up in this chair and light a fire as we see the incoming fall weather.

     A few red throw cushions really cozies up this bedroom.

See how the same settee changes from summer style to cozy autumn.  The pretty lavender settee on the left is perfect for summer cottons while the teal wool version is so inviting and warm.  Plus, it shows you how when you move from one home to another, like this client, that you can change up your look.

The addition of just a bit of colour to this living room really makes for an inviting, warm room to gather friends and family.

This bedding to the left is fresh and "summery" while only the additional of the red silk chinoiserie bedspread makes it ready for fall.

AuthorTheresa Casey