March 28, 2014

Love this cozy library/dining room featuring black walls (Elle Decor).

Painting your walls black might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you're looking at paint colours. But, this is a very powerful tool in your paint selection toolbox and technically, black isn't even a color, so it deserves special attention. Sometimes when designing a home we want to have an area that's cozy and warm, and holds us in. Perhaps you live in a cold climate and you want to have an enveloping atmosphere when you come home at night. For this scenario, I suggest painting a cozy study, small family or living room black. Or if you want to create drama, say in your powder room, black is for you. In my own office powder room, a previously uninspired space was given high drama by painting the walls and ceiling glossy black in combination with a white vintage porcelain sink, antique brass faucets and a gold leaf mirror. The white sink gives some relief to the surrounding black, while the brass adds warmth and glamour. If the thought of black terrifies you, you can almost go there by using a deep eggplant purple paint like Farrow and Ball Mahogany #36. It's very warm and cozy, and you get all the effects of black paint without going as far. Another way to use black would be to paint an accent wall black or the inside of an archway. My point is that color, paint and atmosphere are very personal and all very achievable with a can of paint, so experiment a little and try something a little out of your comfort zone. See below some of the effects you can create with a simple can of black paint. 

Black accents really create a wonderful, graphic bathroom (Paloma).

Living room, cozy heaven. Love the portraits! (Elle Decor).

See the drama and richness of these black kitchen cabinets (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Ted Yarwood).

See the drama and richness of these black kitchen cabinets (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Ted Yarwood).

Living room: love the black walls, contrasted with the wife sofas and fantastic, patterned coffee table (Elle Decor).

The deep eggplant walls have a similar effect to the black walls, but is a softer and warmer paint selection (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Ted Yarwood).

AuthorTheresa Casey