April 4, 2014

Look how wonderful this stripped chair looks with this Damask fabric wall! (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Angus Fergusson).

Look how wonderful this stripped chair looks with this Damask fabric wall! (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Angus Fergusson).

I must say I love a stripe!  So very versatile, it adds a tailored quality to drapery, upholstery or flooring. In terms of colour, a multicoloured stripe can be used to create a sporty energetic vibe, a black-and-white stripe can give a dynamic graphic punch or a tone on tone stripe can add interest without overpowering a space. The images below show how I have used stripes to create different effects, as well as projects by others I admire. I love them all!

This traditional study has a soft, light-green palette and the striped draperies create a graphic yet warm quality (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Ted Yarwood).

You can't go wrong with a multicolor stripe! (Oliver Yaphe)

 Wow! What a way to transform a hallway! (Elle Decor).

Love the black and white themed office with the punch of black and white stripe! (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Angus Fergusson).

Art deco era master ensuite featuring cozy, striped settee (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Ted Yarwood).

Love this! (Tumblir).

AuthorTheresa Casey

March 28, 2014

Love this cozy library/dining room featuring black walls (Elle Decor).

Painting your walls black might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you're looking at paint colours. But, this is a very powerful tool in your paint selection toolbox and technically, black isn't even a color, so it deserves special attention. Sometimes when designing a home we want to have an area that's cozy and warm, and holds us in. Perhaps you live in a cold climate and you want to have an enveloping atmosphere when you come home at night. For this scenario, I suggest painting a cozy study, small family or living room black. Or if you want to create drama, say in your powder room, black is for you. In my own office powder room, a previously uninspired space was given high drama by painting the walls and ceiling glossy black in combination with a white vintage porcelain sink, antique brass faucets and a gold leaf mirror. The white sink gives some relief to the surrounding black, while the brass adds warmth and glamour. If the thought of black terrifies you, you can almost go there by using a deep eggplant purple paint like Farrow and Ball Mahogany #36. It's very warm and cozy, and you get all the effects of black paint without going as far. Another way to use black would be to paint an accent wall black or the inside of an archway. My point is that color, paint and atmosphere are very personal and all very achievable with a can of paint, so experiment a little and try something a little out of your comfort zone. See below some of the effects you can create with a simple can of black paint. 

Black accents really create a wonderful, graphic bathroom (Paloma).

Living room, cozy heaven. Love the portraits! (Elle Decor).

See the drama and richness of these black kitchen cabinets (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Ted Yarwood).

See the drama and richness of these black kitchen cabinets (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Ted Yarwood).

Living room: love the black walls, contrasted with the wife sofas and fantastic, patterned coffee table (Elle Decor).

The deep eggplant walls have a similar effect to the black walls, but is a softer and warmer paint selection (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Ted Yarwood).

AuthorTheresa Casey

February 21, 2014

I upholstered our basement guest room walls in black and white silk creating a warm and cozy atmosphere. No one feels hard done by sleeping here! (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Angus Ferguson)

I love the drama of all black and white interiors created solely to play on the contrast between light and dark. One of my art school teachers, John Leonard, taught me that CONTRAST was one of the most valuable tools in the artist's tool box.  Over and over I return to the truth of his statement.  The other intriguing quality of black and white interiors are their calmness. I know this seems inconsistent when I've just said that these interiors are often dramatic, but I would say that if you look through the following images you can see how these interiors draw you in and have a peaceful quality.  I would liken it to looking at black and white photos.  Somehow the lack of colour helps us to focus more clearly, and to appreciate the simplicity of the palette. Another quality that you will often find in these black and white interiors is a rich variety of textures. Let me know what you think.

Gorgeous marble wall offset with handsome black accessories creates the drama I love! (Yellowtrace)

Ticking black and white stripe Chesterfield is yummy but what's really yummy is pairing it with black velvet drapes and gold trim. (Tokyo Jinja)

This graphic basement home office featuring striped area rug, collection of black and white drawings to create an airy yet interesting work space. (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Angus Fergusson)

Villa Sorra, in Emilia Romagna, Italy, an old world take on black and white Italian style. So clean but so warm. (IIIInspired)

The client's non-functioning kitchen was redesigned to create this galley kitchen with marble counter top and backsplash that nicely contrast the dark cabinets. (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Ted Yarwood)

I love everything in this room especially the minimal fireplace and the art on top! (Peek of Perfection)

The floating, walnut vanity in this guest ensuite leaves plenty of room for the toile fabric storage baskets below. (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Ted Yarwood)

The ultimate in black and white styling. I can't resist. (Ark Pad)

Wall Of Frames in Slanted-Ceiling Bedroom is divine and just as strong as one large painting. (House & Home)

Are these black silk pleated walls? If so, I want them. (Ark Pad)

I did this project for a young entrepreneur over 10 years ago and it still has a classic enduring quality.  The clean, textured, sexy custom black lacquer fireplace brings focus, texture and drama to this contemporary living room. (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Ted Yarwood)

February 14, 2014

This geometric screen holds the dining room in while still keeping an openness to the space. (Folder of Ideas)

Screens are a versatile design element I like to use as much as possible because of their multiple functions. They are a versatile tool that delineate rooms, create zones for privacy, add texture and often have a decorative quality. They originated in ancient China, eventually spreading to East Asia and Europe, and were first used primarily to help prevent drafts. In classical times they were used as dressing screens in ladies change rooms (think Downton Abbey). Today they can be purely functional, solely decorative or both. Here are some of my favourites. Enjoy!    

Jaw dropping Art Nouveau door to the former C.D. Peacock jewelry store on State Street at Monroe in Downtown Chicago, Illinois. Divine! (Flickr)

Contemporary space that I would love to work or live in with textured wooden screen very effectively adds richness, separation and filtering of light. (Flashdecor)

These Art Deco bronze screens were salvaged from the original Toronto Eaton's department store for my own home.  A great find, especially since the cabinetry had all ready been built and they fit perfectly! (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by ted Yarwood)

I found this door image with a grill pattern very similar to the ones I used above for my cabinets.  Someday I will have my own doors created for a similar affect (this is when a small home becomes a challenge!) (HomeDSGN)

Walk in closet screen nicely divides space and adds richness and texture. (Studio Annetta)

Screen with De gourney wallpaper can be used in the corner of a living room for height and drama, a master bedroom for private dressing or in a  ladies' private sitting room. I would love to feature this in an ultra contemporary white interior. (Belgian Pearls)

For a different take on screens, here I used vintage letter press storage boxes for this dining room buffet. (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc - Photos by Michael Graydon)

AuthorTheresa Casey

November 19, 2013

Red and Orange Textured, Linen Wallpaper (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Ted Yarwood)

Before I started working at Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. as the social media coordinator, I thought of wallpaper as a trend of the past. I recalled my grandmother’s house or my family’s kitchen and the flower bud wallpaper that was such a pain to take down when we decided it had seen its last day. Little did I know that wallpaper had made a huge comeback…

The reinvention of wallpaper has made it a new modernizing tool for interior designers around the world. It can be used to add colour, texture, and depth; effects that no amount of paint can achieve. Here are some inventive examples of how we have used wallpaper for our clients:  A bold, red and orange circled, linen wallpaper is used to make a statement in this entryway. A nature-inspired wallpaper creates a calming atmosphere for a master bedroom.  A Toile wallpaper creates an Old World, French style for a powder room that looks as if it belongs in a chateau.  Theresa and the team at Casey Design Group have never been afraid to use wallpaper creatively, and now neither will I!

Nature-Inspired Wallpaper (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Michael Graydon)

French-Inspired, Toile Wallpaper (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Ted Yarwood)

Baroque Flocked, Velvet Wallpaper (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Ted Yarwood)

Kid-Friendly, Vinyl Wallcovering (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Michael Graydon)

Bookcase lined with Delicate Floral Wallpaper (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Donna Griffith)

Dramatic, Raw Linen Wallpaper (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Michael Graydon)

AuthorTheresa Casey