February 14, 2014

This geometric screen holds the dining room in while still keeping an openness to the space. (Folder of Ideas)

Screens are a versatile design element I like to use as much as possible because of their multiple functions. They are a versatile tool that delineate rooms, create zones for privacy, add texture and often have a decorative quality. They originated in ancient China, eventually spreading to East Asia and Europe, and were first used primarily to help prevent drafts. In classical times they were used as dressing screens in ladies change rooms (think Downton Abbey). Today they can be purely functional, solely decorative or both. Here are some of my favourites. Enjoy!    

Jaw dropping Art Nouveau door to the former C.D. Peacock jewelry store on State Street at Monroe in Downtown Chicago, Illinois. Divine! (Flickr)

Contemporary space that I would love to work or live in with textured wooden screen very effectively adds richness, separation and filtering of light. (Flashdecor)

These Art Deco bronze screens were salvaged from the original Toronto Eaton's department store for my own home.  A great find, especially since the cabinetry had all ready been built and they fit perfectly! (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by ted Yarwood)

I found this door image with a grill pattern very similar to the ones I used above for my cabinets.  Someday I will have my own doors created for a similar affect (this is when a small home becomes a challenge!) (HomeDSGN)

Walk in closet screen nicely divides space and adds richness and texture. (Studio Annetta)

Screen with De gourney wallpaper can be used in the corner of a living room for height and drama, a master bedroom for private dressing or in a  ladies' private sitting room. I would love to feature this in an ultra contemporary white interior. (Belgian Pearls)

For a different take on screens, here I used vintage letter press storage boxes for this dining room buffet. (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc - Photos by Michael Graydon)

AuthorTheresa Casey