Waterworks plumbing fixtures is truly one of my favourite manufactures for their high quality and terribly stylish take on everything bathroom and kitchen.  I am therefore thrilled to be included in owner Barbara Sallick's new book “The Perfect Bath”.  My project (included on Page 245 top right) is from my home - see photos below.  

My house was built in the 1930’s and my design concept was inspired by that rich era and in particular the home of Coco Chanel who lived at the Paris Ritz.   I imagined that this is what her ensuite would be like in her apartment.  My ensuite features a chic combination of materials: black marble and glass, hand finished cherry wood combined with warm smokey brown tortoise shell coloured paint to create drama and warmth.  On a personal note, my grandmother’s first cousin was legendary Harpers Bazaar fashion editor Carmel Snow.   I have included a picture of Carmel and Coco  at Chanel’s apartment in the Ritz along with timeless shots of Chanel's apartment.

Glamorous black glass vanity with deco inspired brass hardware.

The drapery fabric really makes this room  -  I have always loved the chic combination of brown and black stripes and drapes in a bathroom always add softness since all the other materials are necessarily hard surfaces.

 Harper's Bazaar fashion editor Carmel Snow (my grandmother and Carmel's mothers were sisters) and Coco Chanel at her apartment in the Ritz from Life Magazine.   To the right, a copy of the one many beautiful Bazaar magazine covers.

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 12.50.32 PM.png

Chanel's living room - so warm and layered.

Books and books . . .

Oh I do wish I could have sat down at this table to have dinner with Carmel and Coco.

Nothing more to say . . . stunning simple fireplace.

Another cozy, chic place to write a few thank you notes.

AuthorTheresa Casey