I am very honoured to be selected as an "A List" Interior Designer by Canadian House & Home magazine.  I  have had a long association with the magazine and this recent honour has lead me down memory lane to look at some of the my many projects published over the years:  my early days as a gesso artist, all my homes and a huge variety of client projects.  See below:


My living room featuring a mirrored fireplace and vintage prototype chairs.

30 years.  What a milestone!

My kitchen was inspired by 1930's luxury ocean liners.  Everything in it's place and a place for everything.  It's the smallest kitchen I have owned but the most efficient.

Details, details and me in the background working at the dining table.

A lovely vintage inspired project from 2013.

Back to 2005 but this room still holds it's own.  This client has moved recently and we are bringing along all these timeless furnishings.

I love the architectural elements that I added into this client's master bedroom.  It makes the sitting room at the forefront cozy and contains the bed for a timeless and classic look.

Wow - my first house from almost 20 years ago . . . but I still love this and would move back in a heartbeat.  Note the muslim fabric which I was credited with putting into interiors when the truth was also that I was young and starting out and it fit my budget!

The foyer in my current house - nice to look back as this was published 5 years ago and since this I have put  real peacock feathers to the walls for a magical effect.

A lovely project for a young hip couple who were open to transforming their 1980's builder home into a custom contemporary pad.

This classic library is still one of my favourites.   A historic Edwardian home in the middle of Toronto,  my goal was to restore this room to what I imagined it looked like when it was built at the turn of the century.   I designed the hand carved oak mantle, the custom book cases and restored the damaged stained glass to showcase my client's huge library and many collectibles.  

AuthorTheresa Casey