April 30, 2014

Love the textured, diamond-patterned brown floor with the graphic pillows surrounded by the white backdrop. Simply sophisticated! (DPages).

When I think of white and brown colour schemes, I think of a well-dressed French woman. A crisp white blouse, tan linen pencil skirt, smart pumps and a killer handbag. To me, whites and browns evoke a classic French woman's style.

In short, elegance with purpose. It's what I wear on days that I want the world to know I mean business. This same kind of thinking can be applied to interiors. If you are confident yet don't want to show off, if you know your style and don't want your home to speak before you do, then this kind of palette might be for you. 

In the samples below, you can see right away what I'm talking about. For me these interiors have the look of an airy Manhattan apartment on the upper Eastside - glamorous, soft, soothing and welcoming, while speaking of quiet sophistication. 

If you are that person or want to be perceived as this person, this look is for you. Interiors are always about the fantasy to which you aspire, what environment you're most comfortable in, and sometimes an elegant wardrobe can be the starting point.

A minimalistic brown and white office is so inviting and chic (Flickr).

The walnut, double vanity in combination with the creamy, white onyx floors and walls creates a glamorous soft and soothing ensuite retreat (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Ted Yarwood).

Ethan Herringbone dinnerware by Ralph Lauren Home (Elle Decor).

The soft, multi-texutred tan and white color theme with the accent of the vintage brown metal cabinet creates a classic, calm and groovy apartment (Flickr).

The brown sofa in this country master suite with painted oak floors and travertine marble is dreamy and tranquil  (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Ted Yarwood).

The brown and white wallpaper layered with the vintage vanity makes this powder room a knock out (Mark D Sikes).

AuthorTheresa Casey

April 4, 2014

Look how wonderful this stripped chair looks with this Damask fabric wall! (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Angus Fergusson).

Look how wonderful this stripped chair looks with this Damask fabric wall! (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Angus Fergusson).

I must say I love a stripe!  So very versatile, it adds a tailored quality to drapery, upholstery or flooring. In terms of colour, a multicoloured stripe can be used to create a sporty energetic vibe, a black-and-white stripe can give a dynamic graphic punch or a tone on tone stripe can add interest without overpowering a space. The images below show how I have used stripes to create different effects, as well as projects by others I admire. I love them all!

This traditional study has a soft, light-green palette and the striped draperies create a graphic yet warm quality (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Ted Yarwood).

You can't go wrong with a multicolor stripe! (Oliver Yaphe)

 Wow! What a way to transform a hallway! (Elle Decor).

Love the black and white themed office with the punch of black and white stripe! (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Angus Fergusson).

Art deco era master ensuite featuring cozy, striped settee (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Ted Yarwood).

Love this! (Tumblir).

AuthorTheresa Casey

February 21, 2014

I upholstered our basement guest room walls in black and white silk creating a warm and cozy atmosphere. No one feels hard done by sleeping here! (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Angus Ferguson)

I love the drama of all black and white interiors created solely to play on the contrast between light and dark. One of my art school teachers, John Leonard, taught me that CONTRAST was one of the most valuable tools in the artist's tool box.  Over and over I return to the truth of his statement.  The other intriguing quality of black and white interiors are their calmness. I know this seems inconsistent when I've just said that these interiors are often dramatic, but I would say that if you look through the following images you can see how these interiors draw you in and have a peaceful quality.  I would liken it to looking at black and white photos.  Somehow the lack of colour helps us to focus more clearly, and to appreciate the simplicity of the palette. Another quality that you will often find in these black and white interiors is a rich variety of textures. Let me know what you think.

Gorgeous marble wall offset with handsome black accessories creates the drama I love! (Yellowtrace)

Ticking black and white stripe Chesterfield is yummy but what's really yummy is pairing it with black velvet drapes and gold trim. (Tokyo Jinja)

This graphic basement home office featuring striped area rug, collection of black and white drawings to create an airy yet interesting work space. (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Angus Fergusson)

Villa Sorra, in Emilia Romagna, Italy, an old world take on black and white Italian style. So clean but so warm. (IIIInspired)

The client's non-functioning kitchen was redesigned to create this galley kitchen with marble counter top and backsplash that nicely contrast the dark cabinets. (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Ted Yarwood)

I love everything in this room especially the minimal fireplace and the art on top! (Peek of Perfection)

The floating, walnut vanity in this guest ensuite leaves plenty of room for the toile fabric storage baskets below. (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Ted Yarwood)

The ultimate in black and white styling. I can't resist. (Ark Pad)

Wall Of Frames in Slanted-Ceiling Bedroom is divine and just as strong as one large painting. (House & Home)

Are these black silk pleated walls? If so, I want them. (Ark Pad)

I did this project for a young entrepreneur over 10 years ago and it still has a classic enduring quality.  The clean, textured, sexy custom black lacquer fireplace brings focus, texture and drama to this contemporary living room. (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Ted Yarwood)

February 7, 2014

Imagine dining at looking out these  floor to ceiling windows. (Afflante)

I know the term "Loft Living" has become ubiquitous of late, but I happened upon some images of loft apartments that reminded me of why they are so appealing. They often feature grand floor to ceiling windows, open floor plans, inventive use of space and fun off-the-wall possibilities - like being able to get around your space on roller skates or your bike!  Maybe I'm channeling my inner Patti Smith, but what they heck, enjoy the ride with me and check out some of my latest, greatest favourites.  

Black windows here are terrifically graphic and the outrageous height of them is artfully played up with low furniture. Wonderful drama. (Vector Design Store)

The great opportunity of loft spaces is the height and the chance to create drama, bold statements such as this grand brass and lacquer island. (Habitually Chic)

Love this clean space - the amber coloured furniture really warms it up! (Decora)

A Sophisticated Loft featuring traditional elements - works just as well as uber modern and with loads of personality. (Content in a Cottage)

Tribeca Duplex - love the feeling of space, the white floors, the natural colour palette. I would move in a heartbeat! (Archinect

I like how the space is divided with tall tall black metal french doors so that there is intimacy and openness. The walls and floor of the master bath are lined with very graphic cipollino marble and divided with a classic black metal framed doors to great affect. This is a space that invites you to wander around and discover.  I love the hint that we get here and wish I could explore. (Elle Decor)

Former Factory Loft In London doesn't get better than this! (Afflante

A Light-filled London Loft featuring a ladder to reach tall shelves - it's something that lots of us would love. There is something so romantic about it and I also love the green painted wood floors. (Bloglovin')

The brick walls have been painted and there is a hint of whimsy to the wide-open space that makes it very appealing. (Remodelista)

I just love this clean warm kitchen. The shiny cabinets and the matt wood are great dance partners.   It reminds me of a cottage we are designing so I'll be sure to post pictures as we're in the construction phase right now.(Remodelista)

A dreamy minimalist design bedroom in white. The tall tall ceilings make this appealing as I don't usually like the split wall but I love the zen vibe. (Loftenberg)

What's not to like about this classic loft with the metal staircase, rows of books and openness. (Weheartit)

AuthorTheresa Casey

November 26, 2013

A designated Family Room creates the perfect place for the children to play and watch TV. (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Ted Yarwood)

It is often thought to be impossible to keep your home neat and tidy and stylish once the children arrive. Images of all the toys and clutter associated with children come to mind. However, if planned correctly, it can be possible to have both a chic, beautiful home and a big family to live in it. You just need to adopt family-friendly design concepts to accommodate your growing family as you create the style of your dreams.

Key points to remember for family-friendly design: You can always create separate spaces for the children and adults to entertain or hangout. A third floor family room gives the children a place to watch TV and listen to music, while a master suite can create a calming space for parents to relax in. Use kid-friendly fabrics and furniture that can be easily cleaned. This does not mean you have to settle for childish patterns. A bold, green, vinyl wallcovering with assorted vintage letters adds interest and warmth to the room for both adults and children. It also creates a modern space you can be proud of. Storage is another important factor as children come with a lot of stuff. You need to find ways to store their toys and books in a manner that adds to the design of the room. Use storage and shelving that makes everything easily accessible, but can hide the more unsightly clutter. A contemporary, white gloss cabinet with a mix of open shelves and closed cupboards does just that, for example. Lastly, you should simultaneously incorporate the personalities of the children and create a room that they can grow with, so you don’t need to re-do the rooms every couple of years. A client’s son had an interest in collecting toy cars, and we found an antique glass cabinet and created custom, steel shelves to display them. These pieces will remain classic bedroom pieces that he can grow with and they add sophistication to the room, while the collection of toys brings the fun of childhood.

This cozy banquette provides additional space for the client's teenagers to hangout. (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Ted Yarwood)

Master Suite with fireplace, seating area and spa-like washroom for parents of three to retreat to. (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Ted Yarwood)

Two Storey "Great Room" fit for family as well as catered business functions with its separate pantry. (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Ted Yarwood)

Kid-Friendly wallpaper with assorted vintage letters that adds interest to the room. (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Michael Graydon)

These polkda dot shower curtains enhance the design while adding a fun element to the bathroom. (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Ted Yarwood)

Contemporary, white gloss cabinet that is perfect for storage. (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Michael Graydon)

Side Mud Room with cubby storage for the whole family. (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Ted Yarwood)

Antique, glass cabinet and steel shelving to  display our client's son's toy car collection. (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Ted Yarwood)

Bedroom that plays off of our client's daughter's fashion interests. (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Ted Yarwood)

A bathroom created for a teenage girl that will grow with her. (Casey Design/Planning Group Inc. - Photo by Ted Yarwood)